Collaborative Keyboardist

Garrett Bone

A recent graduate of the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music, Garrett Bone holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance, graduating summa cum laude as a student of Dr. Daniel Paul Horn. Before attending Wheaton, he studied at the University of Michigan’s Piano Pedagogy Laboratory Program under Kelly Benson and Dr. John Ellis, where he participated frequently in student recitals and masterclasses.

Garrett’s work as a performer has included several solo recitals, extensive chamber and solo collaborations, and ensemble accompaniment. Over the course of his three solo recitals at Wheaton College, he explored how audiences of all backgrounds engaged with and understood classical music, culminating in his senior recital, “Images of Humanity,” where he tied together programmatic elements from early Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary piano compositions. As an accompanist for Wheaton College, he worked and performed alongside many student vocalists and instrumental musicians in recitals, lessons, masterclasses, and juries. He also served as the pianist for the Wheaton College Men’s Glee Club, where he was honored with the Four Year Man and Most Valuable Senior Awards, and had the privilege to perform in the ensemble’s concert tours in China, Florida, and Illinois. Garrett finds great joy in talking about music and is always interested to discover the unique ways people listen to and think about what they hear.

Garrett’s musical interests extend beyond performing and include such skills as teaching and composing. He loves to teach and finds great fulfillment in watching students progress and expand their intellectual and emotional grasp of creating music. He believes that in every step of ones musical studies, from learning notes to mastering complex pieces, students are presented with the opportunity to engage and interact with centuries of musical traditions crossing all eras and genres. As a composer, Garrett has written solo, chamber, and vocal works, including a nine-movement song cycle that was completed in 2019. He also loves talking about topics such as music history and theory. Garrett currently lives in Wheaton, IL, where he teaches music lessons, is a Guest Faculty member at Wheaton College as the pianist for Opera Main Stage productions, and accompanies the Downers Grove Choral Society.

Why do you love to sing?

Melody, harmony, rhythm. It takes me away from normal life and absorbs all my attention. There’s so much joy in making a thing of beauty.

What is your favorite thing about singing with DGCS?

The amount of volunteer time and effort that many members are willing and able to give to ensure the present and future of DGCS.

Why do you love to sing?

Because I feel needed

Music provides a pleasant escape from my busy life.